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Skittle time

Another very popular activity in Woodroffe is skittles.

It is organised by the home’s activity coordinator Hayley Licence, who has worked for the home for over 16 years.

Hayley says: “Skittles is a lovely activity that everyone can get involved with from their chairs. It’s fun and it’s also good for their movement.

“We normally organise four rounds and give prizes to the residents who get the highest scores. It’s not unusual for it to get rather competitive!

“During the Olympics in 2021, we ran our own version of the Games. We took a torch round to celebrate the launch of the home’s very own games, we sang the National Anthem and we ran a series of activities.

“Skittles was one of them, but we also had hoopla, roll & score and a tin can alley. We gave out bronze, silver and gold medals to those with the highest scores.

“The home has a strong community feel and I love putting on activities where everyone joins in and enjoys themselves.”

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