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Scottish arts & crafts

In our dementia home, Ellwood Place, we furnish the building with memorabilia which can help to trigger precious memories.

Our activities co-ordinators Alison and Jean carefully choose dementia-friendly activities which can help their process.

A popular activity is our dedicated focus on different countries around the world.

This month we have focused on Scotland and given it an arts and crafts twist.

Alison said: “In previous months we have studied China, focusing on activities around Chinese New Year, and Holland, when we made floral displays with tulips and sang along to the Max Bygraves hit ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’.

“This month we have been looking at Scotland and we’re doing all sorts of activities including collage work, quizzes, paintings on the subject and chatting about our memories.

“Three of our residents are from Scotland and they’re particularly enjoying it.

“We’ve been creating our own pom-poms to stick on top of our painted tam o’shanter hats, making delicious shortbread and decorating cut-out cardboard Scotty dogs with different fabrics.

“When we’re finished we’re going to display all the hard work on our two giant pinboards in the Sun Room and in the corridor for visitors to see.”

Jean said: “At Ellwood Place we try to cover all aspects of a person’s wellbeing including their cognitive, mental and physical health – and we tailor activities accordingly.

“It’s very good for people with dementia to focus on a project that brings them joy and a sense of achievement. Activities like this also bring back memories of hobbies from their younger days.

“Cooking is also therapeutic and we’ve been having shortbread making sessions in small groups. I love listening to residents talk about their cooking days.”

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