• lucy mason

Eyes down

There’s regular bingo and then, at Ellwood Place, there’s Musical Bingo.

A big hit with our residents, Musical Bingo is like normal bingo but we play songs instead of calling out numbers.

Residents then have to listen out for, and cross off, songs on their bingo card until they get a full house.

Full time activities co-ordinator Alison said: “Musical Bingo is always a big hit with residents. There’s lots of concentration, plenty of smiles and people singing along to some classic hits.

“We play well-known tracks from the 1940s for them to singalong too as well as popular hymns. Even if someone isn’t playing the game, they love recalling the music.

“I’ve got Spotify on my phone so when I’m out and about at the weekend and I hear a track I know they’ll love then I add it to my Musical Bingo hit-list.”

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