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Are you having a Spring Clean / Declutter?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

If anyone is having an early spring clean or declutter , we would really appreciate donations of the following items for the Day Centre:

  • Any items that can be used for arts & crafts projects including paper, card, paints, chunky felt pens, glue, beads, sequins, buttons, felt - almost anything (if Hobbycraft stock it, it’s useful)

  • Hand musical instruments

  • Craft kits

  • Double knit wool for guests to knit with plus fundraising, knitting needles, knitting bags

  • Large piece adult jigsaws

  • Board games, packs of cards

  • Unused colouring and puzzle books

  • New items that can be used for bingo or prizes e.g. unused toiletries, biscuits, chocolates etc

The Day Centre would also welcome clean yogurt pots (the individual size) They are very handy as we use them as paint and glue pots.

Any donated items can be dropped off in the Coffee Shop or Reception. Thank you

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