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5-star Food Hygiene ratings

Our 5-star Food Hygiene ratings

We are delighted to have been awarded the top rating for our Food Hygiene Standards.

Crawley Borough Council has given us 5 stars and ‘Very Good’ for our Food Hygiene & Safety, Structural Compliance and Confidence in Management.

Our food hygiene and safety procedures - including food handling practices and procedures, and temperature control – were all assessed using a scoring system.

Very Good, the top score, means that we have a ‘high standard of compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice and that we conform to accepted good practices in the trade.’

We also qualified for the Scores On The Doors Elite Award after achieving more than three consecutive top 5 scores.

This award shows that we have a consistent record of achieving the top Food Hygiene score.

Food hygiene ratings matter because they provide clear data about hygiene standards achieved at inspection. Businesses are awarded scores ranging between 0 and 5.

Inspections are regularly carried out by an Environmental Health Officer from the local council and they examine and assess the kind of food being handled, the physical condition of the premises, ventilation, cleanliness, pest control and facilities. They also assess all the processed that are carried out before food is processed or given to customers and if and how hygiene standards are being upheld.

They also look at the types of customers catered for by the business, such as vulnerable groups.

· You can find out more about the awards at

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