Ellwood Place Dementia Care

"Those with dementia are still people... they still have stories, they still have character, they are all individuals and they are all unique. They just need to be interacted with on a human level"

(Carey Mulligan, Actor)


Ellwood Place is our dedicated home for up to 30 residents who have received a diagnosis of Dementia. Our residents enjoy a homely atmosphere, in which they are encouraged and supported to make a meaningful contribution to their shared community, however small.


We tailor our care to the individual, focusing on what each resident can do and aim to maintain physical wellbeing by encouraging mobility and independence with gentle activities and exercise.

All our staff receive recognised training in dementia awareness and behaviours that challenge. This way we can promote a sense of positive wellbeing, inclusion and acceptance, whilst treating each individual in a person centred way.


The home is furnished with memorabilia to help promote recognition and memory recall, and many of our scheduled activities take this into consideration.


We also make use of doll/bear therapy, and have close links with Little Stars Nursery School, making reciprocal visits on a weekly basis for cross generational enjoyment.


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