Sadly over the last couple of days, we have received more test results for our residents in Ellwood. A further 8 have now tested positive. This makes 14 in total. In a home like Ellwood where it is impossible to expect residents to understand social distancing, wandering and barrier nursing, the increase was inevitable, despite our very best endeavours. This really is a very unstoppable virus despite everything Tara and her team are doing.

The good news is that, of those 14, only one is seriously ill at the present time. The remainder are stable, most showing little or no symptoms and are not causing the team any imminent concern for now at least.

Tara and the team are attempting to keep those with the virus separated from those without by segregating the communal areas of the buildings as best they can and sanitising everything in sight, as well as extensive PPE and barrier nursing where this can be achieved and residents can be persuaded to remain in their rooms. Not an easy task.

Tara has rung everyone today if their loved one is one of those affected positively by the virus. If you haven't been called then your loved one is currently fine. As you can imagine life is very busy at the moment whilst we fight this, but activities and general life is continuing on as best we can. Tara and Jenny are available to update you by phone but please bear with us by only calling if you really need to at this time.

We continue to be really grateful for the positive messages of support and encouragement received. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jo Stovold

Please note that the other homes remain virus free and open to visitors under strict guidelines for the time being.

Should you have any queries do please speak to the manager of the relevant home.”

These will be by pre-booked appointment ONLY. 

Thank you for your patience and support over the last few months when we have strived to keep your loved ones safe. Please be clear about the expectations of a visit before you come & do not attend without a confirmed appointment.

We reserve the right to change this plan and close the Homes once more if the virus materialises again in any of the Homes in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding.

Please ring the homes direct (not main reception)

Penn Court 01293 594211 or 231

Nursing 01293 594212 for appointment availability please ring us during office hours ONLY please


 For more details on how to book and what will be expected for each of your visits 

             Please click on the homes button below and read the following guidelines 


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