Morning All.

This time a Nursing home update. Last week Woodroffe Benton House admitted a new resident from Crawley Hospital. They assured us that this person had tested negative some days prior to their departure from the ward. Because Sheryl is a conscientious nurse, she was sceptical as the ward previously was known to have covid. The person arrived and has remained in bed, in their room and been fully barrier nursed since arrival. We tested them again the day they arrived and sadly the test returned positive as we thought it might.

Because of the strict precautions we put in place immediately upon arrival, we have reasonable confidence that this single case will not spread to the other residents. Public Health England have assured us that, because of the precautions we took & the traceability back to the Hospital - this ISNT considered an outbreak and we can carry on as "normal".

The exisitng residents are all due to be re-tested next week & this continues to be the plan. The new resident will continue to be fully barrier nursed until out of quarantine by the team wearing extensive PPE.

For now, we can continue with visiting plans as scheduled UNLESS another person tests positive. We keep our fingers crossed that the robust measures we have in place will hold fast.

If you have any queries do please contact Sheryl, Hayley (office Manager) or the Duty RGN. Thank you.



And an Ellwood update!

As of today, the home is VIRUS free! Well done to Tara and the great team working so hard to achieve this. We will be on amber alert for the next two weeks, so ask for your patience just a while longer. All being well we will re-open to visitors from Monday 30th November.

Any queries do please speak to Jenny (Deputy manager) or the SCO on duty. Tara is having a well earned holiday this week


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