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Here you can find out about Ifield Park including how to contact us and how to find us.

Ifield Park is an Exempt Charity and is registered with the FSA as a non-profit making Friendly Society. Operationally it is managed by a suitably qualified and experienced Chief Executive who reports to the Board of Trustees. Ifield Park was originally founded as a voluntary, charitable, residential care home in 1954 by Quakers, Harold and Millicent Goodwin with the support of their family.

Although not a Quaker home, Harold and Millicent were encouraged by members of the local Quaker Society of Friends to provide much needed housing and care for 'elderly people of limited means'. Entry was to be regardless of race, creed, status or geography. The only criteria for entry was 'need'. This remains the spirit of the home to this day.

Over the years Ifield Park has been expanded to provide modern high quality accommodation and has adapted to the changing needs of older people, usually in advance of codes of practice and regulations that are aimed at bringing all care homes to the highest standards

A Management Committee (Trustees) is elected at the Annual General Meeting and consists of dedicated local people keenly interested in the welfare of the elderly and the affairs of the home.

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Joanne Stovold

Is the Chief Executive
with overall responsibility for the
executive management of the home

Email: jostovold@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594200

Joanne Stovold

Nina Ware

Finance Manager

Email: ninaware@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594200


Stephanie Stuckey

Support Services Manager

Email: stephaniestuckey@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594200


Sheryl Blaha

Nursing Manager

Email: sherylblaha@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594232


Tara Burgess

Dementia Care Manager

Email: taraburgess@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594206


Yvonne Bidgood

Residential Care Manager

Email: yvonnebidgood@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594211


Hayley Licence

Activities Coordinator

Email: activities@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594200


Tracy Phillips

Residential Services Manager

Email: tracyphillips@ifieldparkcarehome.co.uk

Tel: 01293 594200